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.:Can I Eat?:. by Abidding-Capillary .:Can I Eat?:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 4 4 .:''Caj, I got it! I got the Phylactery!!'':. by Abidding-Capillary .:''Caj, I got it! I got the Phylactery!!'':. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 4 8 .:''Can I see your wings?'':. [Continuation] by Abidding-Capillary .:''Can I see your wings?'':. [Continuation] :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 9 16 .:Outfit Test:. [Kaji] by Abidding-Capillary .:Outfit Test:. [Kaji] :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 5 3 [Sketch Comm #38] .:IT'S TIME TO DUEL:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #38] .:IT'S TIME TO DUEL:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 14 14 [Sketch Comm #37] .:Bubble Bath:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #37] .:Bubble Bath:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 9 9 [Sketch Comm #36] .:Yeah...They're okay:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #36] .:Yeah...They're okay:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 11 3 [Sketch Comm #35] .:Elegant:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #35] .:Elegant:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 6 6 [Sketch Comm #34] .:Wounded:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #34] .:Wounded:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 5 12 .:Take My Hand:. by Abidding-Capillary .:Take My Hand:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 7 5 .:Take My Hand:. (W I P) by Abidding-Capillary .:Take My Hand:. (W I P) :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 3 5 [NeoNee Contest Entry] .:Come Swim with Me~... :. by Abidding-Capillary [NeoNee Contest Entry] .:Come Swim with Me~... :. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 6 85 [Sketch Comm #33] .:Shy:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #33] .:Shy:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 8 5 [Sketch Comm #32] .:Cannibalistic Conflict:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #32] .:Cannibalistic Conflict:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 9 16 [Sketch Comm #31] .:Watching the Whelps:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #31] .:Watching the Whelps:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 13 11 [Sketch Comm #30] .:Floating:. by Abidding-Capillary [Sketch Comm #30] .:Floating:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 8 10


Senpai : Abidding-Capillary
I put my new senpai :iconpolkava: who inspires me and who propose base and digital inspiration, and my first senpai :iconkrestenawolfshadow: with a color management, very beautiful drawing, who gave me my first advice in my art advice.
Then why :iconabidding-capillary: ?
Simply the car she gave me the advice and her specialty in cartoons in commission more can do digital
And I think mastering the traditional drawing and sketches and something important
But see what she did:

for me
:iconlaupin:Laupin 3 10
Kaji Meets Aaron 3 by KrestenaWolfShadow Kaji Meets Aaron 3 :iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 11 6
Competition 2
hey everyone! 
Have thought about doing another competition. =D
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Here are the prizes and rules:
1st: 100 Points 
2nd: 50 Points 
3rd: 25 Points 
Everyone else a hug. ^^ :hug: 
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! You must draw BOTH KrestenaWolfShadow and Valu together.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! They must be drawn in one of these forms, you may choose of course. ^^
Mers, Nagas, Fox and Wolf, Dragons or in their magic forms. Examples:
Mers:   Nagas:   :iconabidding-capill
:iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 3 47
A Taste of the Future by CoffeeAddictedDragon A Taste of the Future :iconcoffeeaddicteddragon:CoffeeAddictedDragon 23 27
Help me clear
I need to clear the amount of characters I have right now, as some cannot fit into my personal stories.
400 points
:iconrhg-mai:RHG-Mai 2 11
Who is my Friends?
well, i have no idea to draw, i want draw other think well my world .
so i reopen request for friend !
who can request? ask me !
but in priority :
senpai : :iconabidding-capillary: :iconkrestenawolfshadow: :iconpolkava:
best friend : :iconpsyco-poulet-senpai: :iconxalorda: :iconphuneste: :iconfloraflowerofficial: :iconamywolf2005:
Friends in two direction
:iconle-petit-fantome: :icontagpower: :iconlunascilia: :iconredlightningfox: :iconxxpikachucakexx: :iconpypygargue: :iconhootymoo13: :iconpilopycat: :iconkokodrooodle: :icontreerex0414: :iconsparklemonkey211: :iconinfinitumartist: :iconfiresparky: :iconestrelluna: :icongenie297: :iconeyescratcher234: :iconequestriansketcher: :iconLucy-tha-wolf: :iconthe8bitdj:   :iconskyspeardw: :iconderpyposter: :iconsunrise-light: :iconsanslover213:  :icontsdraw33: :iconStylishGamerFnafFim:  :iconrunningtoaster: :iconsilverfox5645: :iconmadoneverything:
Who i consider friends (but no him/her.) or i l
:iconlaupin:Laupin 5 4
Aaron Meets Kaji by KrestenaWolfShadow Aaron Meets Kaji :iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 11 8 Kaji New Outfit Gift by KrestenaWolfShadow Kaji New Outfit Gift :iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 7 6
More Updates Please Read.
Hey everyone! :wave:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Just wanted to give you guys some updates on stuff. 
Have been working on my The Legend Of Aaron comic lately. Decided to change his look. Definitely am happy with the new look. =D Have started the story over again and have decided to write / draw it a bit differently to last time. This time is will be a picture with the written story underneath. PLEASE let me know your opinions in the comments of what you think of the story and characters. Its very much appreciated. =)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! My special something gift is coming along nicely. Still need to hear back from a few people. PLEASE let me know before the end of the month guys please, I need to know if you guys have a picture of your persona, if you don't have one then a picture of your OC, or if you with not to participate at all then please say. 
:iconhermionemisty3: :iconPhantom01: :iconxXxPharaoh
:iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 1 12
Stay Away by KrestenaWolfShadow Stay Away :iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 9 26 A New Friend Re-Make by KrestenaWolfShadow A New Friend Re-Make :iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 10 11 Vince! by EnragedPickle Vince! :iconenragedpickle:EnragedPickle 5 5 Aaron New Design Colour by KrestenaWolfShadow Aaron New Design Colour :iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 9 14 Aaron New Look by KrestenaWolfShadow Aaron New Look :iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 6 5 Feeling Down by KrestenaWolfShadow Feeling Down :iconkrestenawolfshadow:KrestenaWolfShadow 8 20
Contest Summer : The return ! (read!)
okay, j'ai réfléchis à une solution. je pense qu'on peut reprendre le concours, sans les point et sans le core pour l'instant ! (il reviendront si je ne me fait pas bannir...)
ainsi les concurrents et leurs dessins sont toujour en liste ! 
Je rappelle les concurrent validé, qui n'ont pas besoin de refaire de dessin! 
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! :iconpsyco-poulet-senpai:
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!  :iconlunascilia:
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! :iconfiresparky:  /Sombris#7602
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! :iconmaraxythesobiaii:
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! :iconeyescratcher234:
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!  :iconlinunn:
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! :iconrosiasha:
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! :iconpolkava:
Les concurrents dont je n'ai pas of
:iconlaupin:Laupin 1 4


  • Providing me with a reference or more that shows at least the entirety of you're chosen character, I will draw up a quick sketch of said OC. This can take me from about 20 minutes to over 4 hours depending on how dedicated I am to making sure the anatomy is at least to my liking. Sometimes I'll make mistakes over and over and I'll have to restart again and again until the pose is of interest to me and at least gets an 'Okay' from me. 
  • These are relatively cheap even if I do tend to spend hours on only one drawing for my attempted 'perfection' at the sketch, but not just because of my ability to sketch out guides quickly, but also for the fact that It's an easy go for people who can't get commissions from other 'anime' artists. <3 
  • If you desire a specific position, please add a description of what you want. (e.g. Floating, Eating an ice cream, stealing, laughing, etc) It must be at least understandable, else I'll have to question you a few times before I might understand what position you want. If not, then you may just have to deal with the position you receive.
  • Complexity matters! If you're character is heavily armored or has overly complicated body patterns or if you want them casting a spell (examply complexity being fire or electricity because I mean...who can draw them without having it look like grass of just scribbling lines? XD ) Then it's a +5 extra. Send all extra's via Donation Pool or gifting please <3
  • EXTRA POINT LIST (More will be added when I think of them): 
                                -Females= +2
                                -Complex Markings or attire= +5
                                -Each added Character= +10
                                -Anthros= +15
                                -Added sketches= +5
                                -Group photo (Groups are 4+ Characters in one)=+20 default +the added points for Characters and complexity, I will state via notes
                                -**More to be added** 

STATUS Undertale SOUL - Rainbow (Fanmade) O k   I need like weeks off-  It puts pressure on me tod raw a lot and I wanna draw my own little doodles for a while LOL Closed until I open again- 



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loveszelinkstuff :3
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ID made by KrestenaWolfShadow <3

-COMMISSION/GIFT- Capillary Walking Sprite by LordAaroniteGray -COMMISSION/GIFT- Capillary Blinking Sprite by LordAaroniteGray
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like omg I love you--

It's me! loveszelinkstuff!~ I made this other account to refresh :3 I'll move my art here, but my previous account will remain up :u
I'm now gonna be active on both accounts :'D! Feel free to watch both of you want, but most of my art will be posted on this new account!~ I'll still go check and reply on :iconloveszelinkstuff: but I probably won't post unless I feel the need too c:

Gays are life for me, and I want to protect them. Insult them harshly enough and watch how fast I snap

Friends by Briefasa If you don't like that, well...fuck you. by Catthylove I support boy love: stamp by Galialay BUT THE BIBLES SAYS SO, THAT'S ALL I KNOW! by endler Stamp: Loving God by 8manderz8 STAMP - Gay NO disease by Draguendo Gay is Not A Disease Stamp by xXPariahsXx People Like Beiber, I Don't Want to Live Anymore by endler

This profile is a safe haven for anyone feeling neglected because of their orientation ;w;
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Moriko <3
Attempt at a pagedoll (unanimated) ~Evoloon by Abidding-Capillary


Link Twilight Princess Pagedoll by Maruuki Made by Maruuki <3luv ur art

When it rains Link doesn't get wet, the rain gets Link.
Link's tears cure cancer, unfortunately he never cries.
Link donates a lot of blood to the red cross. Just not his own.
Link doesn't sleep - he waits.
Link makes onions cry.
Link is allowed to talk about Fight Club.
Arrows dodge Link.
Link irons his tunic while he's still wearing it.
Link can can predict the songs on his iPod shuffle.
Link puts his tights on two legs at a time.
Link taught the Kool-Aid guy how to break though walls.
Link created the wheel. Twice.
Link once received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. He made the hand print when the cement was dry.
Link is fluent in wingdings.

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.:Can I Eat?:.
Ok Ok, I know I should be working on the Competition entry, but I wanted to share this because I remembered it and kalsjfklds
This is the picture that my phone would ne v  e r  let me save to my gallery to post x"D I legit drew this a day or so after doing Ker's reference sheet and I couldn't post it afterwards. 
Lil smol Ker wants some food.
I failed at the lizard's legs but shh x"D don't pay that any attention  a a 

Ker: Can I eat
Lizard: no

κεραυνός/ Keraunos + Art(c) Abidding-Capillary 
Why is coloring something the hardest part of a drawing x"D
.:''Caj, I got it! I got the Phylactery!!'':.
This was he l l. 
I drew this on the PC Verison of Medibang with only a touch-pad mouse to do the work. Took all night and I only have 2 hours to sleep X"D Well an hour and 30 mins. 
This is a bit of a flashback in time for my buddy Asvor Vonns in the game I play knows as Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted. In this picture I am still a but new as an ancient, and herself as her hatchling phase, has just finished the quest on becoming an adult dragon. In her paws is a relic knows as the Phylactery of Shadows, which if it's used, she will ascend into her alternative bigger, form. 
Asvor's dragon in the game is male though, so..actually it's a he x"D

It was quite fun, but extremely tiring x3x I still love it :"D 

I also forgot if she had a Deviantart... I'm not going look for it omg x"D It's too early in the morning and im finally tired. 

Cajunfury (blue n white)- Abidding-Capillary 
Asvor(black dragon)-- Asvor! (comment on this if this your dragon so I can edit this description x"D)
The designs and models(c)-- Istarian developers
Art(c)-- Abidding-Capillary 
I'm going to scream

Medibang won't let me get this picture that's been sitting- finished- in my Internal gallery for months, because it always crashes when I try to save it. 
.:''Can I see your wings?'':. [Continuation]
A AA AA I finished it. Still don't like parts of it but hey, it's on an Iphone :v 
This was a continuation of KrestenaWolfShadow 's drawing -->krestenawolfshadow.deviantart.… I decided to do. Yes I know Aarons wings are actually black but the black didn't wanna sit right x"D so I chose a very dark brown that looked black then but now that it's on the PC it's...noticeably brown :stare:.. mmmm I hate Iphones for that e3e Sooo ye, sorry bout that :V

Aaron(c)-- KrestenaWolfShadow 
Kaji(c)-- Abidding-Capillary



Abidding-Capillary has started a donation pool!
400 / 10,000,000
Please donate a few points ;v; I need them for commissions I may want or even adopts I can't afford. You're donations will be greatly appreciated ;0;

You must be logged in to donate.


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